Wedding invitation wording made easy!

Choosing the right wording for your wedding invitations can be overwhelming,  but fear not I am here to help!

Although there are a few rules to follow ( especially when your wedding is a formal occasion) it all comes down to Who, What, Where and When? Wishing Well information, reception details, accommodation details, directions, maps and everything else should be printed onto seperate cards.

  • Who will be paying for the wedding?

If both sets of parents are paying, both sets will be hosting and you  will start with

the bride’s parents followed by the groom’s parents…

“Mr and Mrs John Smith and Mr and Mrs William Jones” (both sets still married)

“Mrs Kathy Smith and Mr John Smith…” (divorced)

“Mrs Kathy Smith and Mr and Mrs John Smith…” (remarried)

“Ms Kathy Smith and the Late Mr John Smith” (widowed)

If the bride’s parents are paying they will be hosting…

” Mr and Mrs John Smith”

The bride and groom is paying…

” Together with their families”

Kelly Anne Smith and Adam William Jones”

  • What is happening?

“request the honor of your presence at he marriage of”

“request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter” (the brides parents are hosting)

“request the honor of your presence at their wedding” (the bride and groom is paying)

  • Who is getting married?

“Kelly Elizabeth and Adam William Jones” (the brides first and middle name only but the grooms surname is always mentioned)

“Kelly Anne to Adam William Jones”

“Kelly Anne Smith and Adam William Jones” (the couple is paying)


  • Spell out dates and times
  • Capatalize months and the day of the week
  • Write out the year

” Saturday, twenty fifth of October two thousand seventeen at half past five in the evening”


  •  Be certain to include the full, correct address for GPS purposes, if you are not including a map.

End with…

“Reception to follow”

“Dinner and dancing to follow”

“Black tie”

For a more casual affair the rules stay the same!

If you want to stick to them that is! They can come in very handy when planning the structure of your wedding invitation.

  • Let go of the Mr and Mrs
  • Use the couple’s first names
  • Numbers instead of writing them out!
  • Instead of “the honor of your presence” use “invite you to share in their happiness”.

In the end it all comes down to the mood and tone of your wedding!

Well I hope this was a helpful post (and not too long)!

Contact me if you would like a sample or a quote!

Melodie xox

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