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It doesn’t matter wether you are getting married in a church or planning for a civil ceremony, most couples want to share their Big Day with friends and family!

Your invitations will set the tone for your special day… modern, rustic, classic, garden, beach wedding… but most importantly they share  information about your day.

Let’s start with answering some frequently asked questions about wedding invitations!

When do we send our wedding invitations?

Get those invitations out 6-8 weeks before your BIG DAY! For a destination wedding invitations should be send out 4-6 months before your wedding – this way your guests will have enough time to clear their schedules and plan for the trip!

Is it really necessary to send Save the Dates?

A relatively new custom, Save the Dates are a fantastic way to share your great news! If you plan a destination wedding these will give your guests a heads up to start planning (and saving!!) for the occasion! Send them out 6-8 months before!

What amount should we set aside in our Wedding budget for the invitations ?

Depending on the amount of guests, paper, style, accessories, etc. an invitation package (standard invitation + RSVP card and envelopes) cost anything between $5.00 and the sky is the limit! My advise… decide on your budget and then your invitations accordingly. Don’t forget to include postage. Remember your invitations set the tone for your wedding and must include all the information that you have to share with your guests to insure smooth sailing on your special day!

Should we include directions in our invitation packages?

With GPS systems now the norm, it might not be necessary to include a printed map. Do however include the full (correct) street address on you invitation. If your wedding venue is in a romantic, rural setting it directions will definitely come in handy. You don’t want your guests to take a wrong turn in the bush!

What wedding stationery can we include in our package?

  • Invitation
  • Reception card
  • Reply card
  • Accommodation card
  • Wishing Well card
  • Maps & directions
  • Website card
  • Card pockets
  • Menus and place cards at the venue
  • Thank you cards
  • Any other information

Remember beautiful wedding invitations take between 2-4 weeks to prepare – don’t forget to plan ahead!

Be on the look out for my next post – finding the words for your invitation!

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