My very first Bridal Fair!

It just so happens that my first ever bridal fair was the Perth Bridal Fair 2018! A BIG one! The story of my life! It’s go big or go home!

What an experience! Beautiful brides, beautiful couples, bridal tribes… and what can I say about the engagement rings! I had such a wonderful time chatting with young couples,  but to see the older couples being just as excited about their upcoming wedding day, was very special to me.

I featured the following suites at the fair:

I have updated my portfolio since:

A Touch of Bohemian

Nautical By Nature

A Blushing Occasion

I also had a little bit of time to walk through all the booths! What I would have given to be a bride in Perth in 2018/2019! The booths were breathtaking! I hope to feature some of my favourites in the next few weeks on my Facebook and Instagram accounts! Keep your eyes open!

The winner of my Perth Bridal Fair 2018 wedding invitation package will also be announced within the next few days! I’m so excited to let them know!

I will also add a price guide to my site soon for those who asked!

As always please contact me with any wedding invitation questions!

Melodie xx




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